Control of Elementary Excitations by Acoustic Fields

DFG-Nanoscale optomechanical interactions in semiconductor microcavities

Figure 1: Interaction between microcavity polaritons with waveguide acoustic phonons (gAPs) generated by transducers in a structured semiconductor microcavity.

The objective of this project is the investigation of the resonant acousto-optical interaction between polaritons (and their condensates) and GHz longitudinal acoustic phonons (denoted as gAPs) guided along the spacer layer of a structured polariton microcavity. We will develop for that purpose the waveguide platform for optomechanics in the GHz regime illustrated in the figure, which enables the simultaneous confinement of a high density of polaritons and phonons in the spacer region of a structured semiconductor microcavity. In this platform, the spectrally narrow polariton resonances (in particular, in the condensation regime) provide a highly sensitive technique for gAP detection, while the propagating nature of the phonons enable the coupling of remote polariton systems.


The investigations will address two complementary topics related to resonant acousto-optical interactions. The first is the dynamic modulation of polariton traps and lattices of polariton traps by GHz gAPs. These tunable lattices can be regarded as solid-state analogs to optical lattices of cold atoms. Here, the high frequency (several GHz) and sub-micrometer wavelengths gAP will have spatial extension and time coherence comparable to the ones for polaritons, thus enabling the investigation of coherent interaction effects. In the second topic of the project, we will exploit the strong acousto-optic back-action induced by high polariton densities to control the generation, propagation, and guiding of gAPs in structured MCs. Both topics will involve experimental and theoretical investigation.


This project is a collaboration between the Paul-Drude-Institute and the Ioffe Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia. It is supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) and the Russian Academy of Science in the framework of the DFG grant 426728819, "Nanoscale optomechanical interactions in semiconductor microcavities”.

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