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Application FAQ (esp. scientists):

Do not search for an application form or a site - just use email


If the advertisement is in English, please write your application in English, if it is in German write in German.


An application consists of at least a specific motivational letter (e.g. why do you want to work at PDI and what can you contribute?) and a CV. Your degrees, a list of publications and references from prior superiors are also very interesting. Feel free to add documents that may help us to evaluate your potential, but


Please try to keep your attachment small (up to 5 MB) consisting of only a single or a few files


We prefer PDF to DOC files or photo formats


Tell us the name of the job you are applying for (key word/reference) in the subject line

Do not use standard/bulk letters, and try to address the responsible person properly - not everybody at PDI is a Professor.


Please give the hiring committee a few weeks to evaluate all applications - you will get an answer.


When sending an unsolicited application a motivational letter is even more important, consider to contact the appropriate department directly.




Andreas Hartung

Human Resources

phone: +49 30 20377-475



How to apply



CV templates (as an example)