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Current Research Topics
  • The group-III arsenides GaAs, AlAs, InAs, and their alloys are arguably the most mature class of compound semiconductors. Very complex heterostructures can be realized in this material system with impressive precision and reproducibility. Such samples are fabricated for investigation in the core research areas Intersubband Emitters and Control of Elementary Excitations by Acoustic Fields.
  • Vertical nanowires from group-III arsenides and nitrides are fabricated and investigated within the core research area III-V Nanowires for Optoelectronics. Nanowires are three-dimensional structures with an extremely high aspect ratio and a diameter of the order of 100 nm. We synthesize them both in bottom-up approaches with the help of self-organization mechanisms and in a top-down approach by appropriate structuring of thin films.
  • Research activities with the focus on the synthesis of materials are carried out in the core research area Nanofabrication. At present, the epitaxy of group-III-arsenides, group-III-nitrides, ferromagnetic Heusler alloys like Co2FeSi in hybrid structures with group-III arsenide heterostructures, FeGe2 and MgO, semiconducting oxides [(In,Ga,Al)2O3, SnO2, NiO, SnO, BaSnO3, and LaInO3] Ge-Sb-Te phase-change materials, and two-dimensional materials and heterostructures (combining graphene, hexagonal BN, and Te-based materials) is investigated. This research takes place in close collaboration with the core research area Nanoanalytics in which the emphasis of the research is on materials properties.

Dr. Lutz Geelhaar

Head of Department

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