Control of Elementary Excitations by Acoustic Fields

Acoustic control of optically active defect centers

Color centers in solids are promising candidates for applications in quantum technologies. Because of their atomic-like optical emission, characterized by sharp lines and non-classical statistics, they can be used as single photons sources. Moreover, their long spin coherence times and spin-dependent optical transitions make them very attractive for spintronic applications. Finally, they are appropriate for sensing since their electronic energy levels are very sensitive to perturbations like electric and magnetic fields, temperature fluctuations, and lattice deformations.


In this project, we aim at the control and manipulation of the optoelectronic properties of defect centers in solids using acoustic fields. To this end, surface acoustic waves (SAWs) are an interesting approach because their strain and piezoelectric fields oscillating with frequencies in the range of hundreds of MHz can efficiently couple to defect centers placed close to the surface of the vibrating substrate. Similar to an external radiofrequency field, SAWs can modulate the emission energies of the light centers and induce resonant transitions between their spin sublevels.


In this project, we focus on light centers embedded in materials suitable for epitaxial heterostructures. This includes shallow centers in GaAs, silicon vacancies in SiC, and defect centers in two-dimensional materials such as hexagonal boron nitride.

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