Control of Elementary Excitations by Acoustic Fields

DFG-Manipulation of single electrons and single excitons by surface acoustic waves

Figure: (a) Indirect excitons (IX) in a double quantum structure (DQD) and (b) transport of IXs by a surface acoustic wave along a narrow channel with subsequent photon emission (PL).

On-demand single-particle transfer between distant quantum dots combined with the control by quantum gates based on particle-particle interactions provides a pathway for the realization of scalable quantum systems. Moving quantum dots created by surface acoustic waves (SAWs) can transfer single electrons as well as exciton ensembles on-demand with very high fidelity between locations separated by several mm in a semiconductor quantum well. Recently, the electrostatic confinement of single excitons has been demonstrated. When combined with the acoustic transport of excitons, these results open exciting possibilities for exciton-based quantum manipulation in solid-state systems.


This project aims at establishing a common platform for quantum interaction of photonic and electronic excitations based on single electrons and single excitons flying along quantum transport channels provided by moving SAW potentials. The motivation for using flying excitons lies on their easy inter-conversion to photons, thus allowing optical probing and providing a natural interface between electronic and photonic excitation. We use for that purpose long-living indirect excitons (IXs) in a double quantum well structure (see figure). The storage and transport of single IXs by SAWs is investigated using techniques similar to the ones developed for single electrons. Furthermore, in collaboration with our French project partners we study processes for the interaction between single electrons during motion as well as their application to excitons. The long-term goal is the demonstration of particle-particle interactions based on the coherent tunneling between adjacent quantum channels for single flying electrons as well as flying excitons. The latter will provide the necessary ingredients for the future implementation of quantum gates for both electrons and excitons.


This project is a collaboration between the Paul-Drude-Institute and the Institute Néel, Grenoble, France. It is supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) and the French ANR in the framework of the grant 625227, "Manipulation of single electrons and single excitons by surface acoustic waves”.

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