Control of Elementary Excitations by Acoustic Fields

Dynamic magneto-acoustic effects

Ferromagnetic materials are fundamental building blocks in current memory, computing, and communication devices. Typically, the control of their magnetization states using electric currents result in unwanted heat dissipation and stray fields, that limit their performance at the nanoscale. Therefore, the development of alternative mechanisms for magnetization control with low power dissipation is crucial for miniaturization. Here, the dynamic strain fields of surface acoustic waves (SAWs) provide a promising alternative for the efficient manipulation of magnetic states. SAWs are elastic vibrations with wavelengths of the order of the micrometer that propagate along the surface of a solid. If the surface contains ferromagnetic nanostructures, then the strain field of the SAW will couple to the magnetization dynamics via the magneto-elastic effect.


The objective of this project is to investigate the magneto-elastic coupling in hybrid structures consisting of ferromagnetic films on piezoelectric substrates. We address not only the acoustic control of the magnetization, but also the modification of the SAW propagation properties as the acoustic wave travels along the piezoelectric/ferromagnetic heterostructure. Of special interest are material combinations consisting of Heusler alloy films such as Fe3Si grown epitaxially on a semiconductor like GaAs. Such hybrid structures are especially appealing for spintronic applications due to the half-metallicity of the ferromagnetic film, the good structural quality of the ferromagnetic/semiconductor interface, and the narrow linewidth of their ferromagnetic resonances.

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