Control of Elementary Excitations by Acoustic Fields

EU-BMBF-Polariton lattices: a solid-state platform for quantum simulations of correlated and topological states

Figure: Polariton lattices in a structured microcavity under modulation by a surface acoustic wave (SAW).

Quantum simulation presently lacks compact on-chip scalable platforms for their implementation. The recent demonstrations of polariton lattices in semiconductor microcavities, in combination with their extraordinary nonlinearities, place polaritons as one of the most promising candidates to achieve this goal. The aim of the European collaboration Quantera-InterPol is to implement polariton lattices in semiconductor microcavities as a photonic-based solid-state platform for quantum simulations. The polariton platform will allow for the engineering of the lattice geometry and site-to-site hoping, state preparation and detection in individual sites, sensitivity to magnetic fields, and scalability due to the low value of disorder. The project aims at the demonstration of polariton simulators by studying quantum correlations and the topological phases in 1D and 2D polariton lattices. Therefore, it will provide the first quantum simulation platform using scalable lattices at optical wavelengths.


The Quantera-InterPol project joins 7 European partners working on the experimental and theoretical aspects of the project. The subproject at the Paul-Drude-Institute aims at the investigation of polariton gratings in semiconductor microcavities suitable for quantum simulations. For this purpose, we will use dynamic lattices induced by surface acoustic waves (SAWs) as well as static lattices produced by means of a multi-stage molecular beam epitaxy growth process. The growth process will be optimized to produce micrometer-sized polariton traps arranged in a two-dimensional lattice, which can trap individual polaritons in each lattice site.


The work is supported by the EU-BMBF international collaboration “Quantera-InterPol: Polariton lattices: a solid-state platform for quantum simulations of correlated and topological states” including 7 international partners.

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