Control of Elementary Excitations by Acoustic Fields

Dr. Jonas Lähnemann


Jonas Lähnemann

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Department: Semiconductor Spectroscopy

Core research areas: Nanoanalytics , III-V nanowires for optoelectronics


Research interests:

Luminescence spectroscopy, Analytical scanning electron microscopy, Semiconductor nanowires, III-V semiconductors for optoelectronic applications, Thin-film solar cells



51 Author C. X. Gao , O. Brandt , S. C. Erwin , J. Lähnemann , U. Jahn , B. Jenichen , H.-P. Schönherr

“Cube-on-hexagon” orientation relationship for Fe on GaN(000-1): The missing link in bcc/hcp epitaxy

Source Phys. Rev. B , 82 , 125415 ( 2010 )
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C. X. Gao, O. Brandt, S. C. Erwin, J. Lähnemann, U. Jahn, B. Jenichen, and H.-P. Schönherr