Single-atom manipulation by low-temperature scanning tunneling microscopy

Low-temperature scanning tunneling microscopy is used to investigate and control quantum phenomena in individual nanostructures on III-V semiconductor surfaces. This technique combines the capabilities of local spectroscopy, local excitation by inelastic electron tunneling, manipulation of single atoms and molecules, and atom-by-atom assembly of artificial structures with sub-angstrom accuracy. Model systems of interest include structures with predefined size, geometry and chemical composition consisting of a small number of atoms and/or molecules and range down to single atoms, atomic surface vacancies and molecules interacting with their solid-state environment. Our goal is to explore new functions based on switching and conduction processes, quantization effects, and magnetic behavior at the atomic scale. Our latest research activities include the construction of quantum dot assemblies (quantum dot “molecules”) whose quantum coupling has no intrinsic variation but can nonetheless be tuned over a wide range. In addition, we study single organic molecules and STM-engineered adatom-molecule complexes on a semiconductor platform acting as binary switches and tunable single-molecule transistors.

Fig. 1. 3D-rendered STM image of a quantum dot molecule with threefold symmetry consisting of three 6-atom indium chains on InAs(111)A (left). The molecular symmetry is deliberately lifted by a stepwise displacement of the horizontal chain (right-hand side images).

Selected Publications

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Download: PDF | 2010 Cite : Bibtex RIS
S. Fölsch, J. Yang, C. Nacci, and K. Kanisawa


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