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Current Research Topics
  • Scanning/transmission electron microscopy is one of the key tools for direct imaging of the local atomic structure of material defects. Analytical tools attached to the microscope complete the microstructure research with regard to chemical bonding and composition.
  • Interface structures between dissimilar materials – from the coherent to the incoherent case – are analyzed on all length scales relating to their atomic configuration, strain state, interfacial (misfit) defects and to their chemical and morphological roughness.
  • The method of modern electron tomography offers access to the three-dimensional object reconstruction of complex heterostructures and nano-scale materials. Appropriate tomography samples with any kind of geometry are prepared using focused ion beam techniques (cf. Application laboratory).
  • Methodological developments include in-situ transmission electron microscopy and spectroscopy to study dynamic processes of phase transitions, interface reactions or defect generation with highest spatial and temporal resolution by applying external stimuli.
  • Structural properties of epitaxial layers and their dynamics during molecular beam epitaxial growth are investigated by synchrotron x-ray diffraction diffraction in our PHARAO facility at the U125/2-KMC endstation at the Berlin synchrotron BESSY II (Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin).
  • The physical properties of ultimately small structures at solid-vacuum interfaces are explored by low-temperature scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy. The combined approach of building semiconductor-based nanostructures atom-by-atom and locally characterizing their properties, provides the possibility to study the correlation between structure and properties at the atomic scale.





Dr. Achim Trampert

Head of Department 

+49 30 20377-280