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Entrepreneurship at PDI

Looking beyond licencing, PDI actively supports the creation of new businesses and spin-offs from the institute.

The institute actively encourages and supports knowledge transfer through the creation of start-ups from PDI. This includes a fair licencing policy for entrepreneurially minded inventors as well as access to a range of services to assist in the founding and commercialization process. Companies founded from inside PDI additionally benefit from the rich network and recognition of an internationally renowned research institute.


For start-up projects to be eligible for the entrepreneurship services at PDI, at least one founder has to be employed at the institute and the envisioned company has to use know-how or technologies generated at or during the employement time at PDI. To provide the full range of start-up services, PDI works closely with respective departments at the Leibniz Association and Forschungsverbund Berlin as well as external transfer partners.

List of Start-ups

STATE Experience Science GmbH

STATE Experience Science GmbH is a spin-off of the Department Technology and Transfer. The company was founded in September 2014. Its main offering is the design and production of innovative and participatory initiatives for science transfer and outreach. Core activity is the organization of STATE Festival – an interdisciplinary science festival in Berlin. PDI supported STATE during the spin-off process and co-operated with the newly founded company for the first festival in October 2014.