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PDI supports #Zusammenland campaign against right-wing extremism

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In solidarity against racism and oppression, PDI has joined over 500 German organizations in supporting the #Zusammenland campaign. This initiative, spearheaded by prominent media outlets and companies, aims to combat the rise of right-wing extremism in Germany and promote diversity, democracy, and inclusivity.

The campaign, titled "#Zusammenland – Vielfalt macht uns stark" (Togetherland - Diversity makes us strong), was launched in February 2024 by influential figures such as Rainer Esser from DIE ZEIT, Gabriel Grabner from Tagesspiegel, Christian Schmalzl from Ströer, Andrea Wasmuth from Handelsblatt Media Group, and Christian Wegner from Süddeutsche Zeitung. Its mission is clear: to champion the values of freedom, democracy, and tolerance, especially in the face of increasing right-wing populism in the country.

PDI's participation in the #Zusammenland campaign was highlighted in today's edition of Die Zeit, where our logo stands alongside other supporters in the Wissen section. By lending our support to this vital cause, we affirm our commitment to fostering an inclusive society and standing up against discrimination in all its forms.

The organizers of the campaign released a joint statement emphasizing the importance of unity and shared values in preserving Germany's social fabric. They stated, "Cosmopolitanism, respect, and community are values that make Germany not only a country worth living in, but also an economically strong country. That's why we stand together for an open country that faces difficulties courageously."

The visibility of the #Zusammenland campaign extends beyond print media, with ads featuring logos from participating organizations scheduled to appear four times in ZEIT's print version. Additionally, the campaign will be promoted across various social media platforms and displayed in public spaces and main train stations, ensuring widespread reach and impact.

By standing alongside other companies and institutions in support of #Zusammenland, PDI reaffirms its commitment to diversity, equality, and social justice. In a time where divisive rhetoric threatens to undermine the fabric of our society, it is imperative that we unite in solidarity to build a more inclusive and equitable future for all.