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Surfing qubits in nanostructures

Double quantum well structure for the acoustic transport of indirect excitons and remote emission of single photons

On-chip transfer of information in quantum networks requires both channels and means for non-destructive transport of qubits. We develop nano-channels, which exploit traveling SAWs to transport electronic excitations along these channels. We seek to understand the mechanisms and the limits of charge and spin transport in these nanostructures. The work could be a building block for quantum links connecting on-chip qubits separated by tens or hundreds of micrometers.

Current focus points

  • Spin-polarized carriers: We investigate the use of nanochannels to enhance the acoustically driven transport of spin-polarized electrons by suppressing specific spin-dephasing mechanisms.
  • Flying excitons: The easy interconversion between photons and excitons makes the latter a natural interface between electronic and photonic interactions. To this end, we study the acoustic transport of long-lived indirect excitons confined in electrostatic channels.
  • SAW-driven single-photon sources: Remote pumping of excitons and their recombination in shallow traps allows for acoustically driven sources of non-classical light.

Selected publications

Author: P. L. J. Helgers, J. A. H. Stotz, H. Sanada, Y. Kunihashi, K. Biermann, P. V. Santos
Title: Flying electron spin control gates
Source: Nat. Commun. 13, 5384 (2022)

Author: M. Yuan, K. Biermann, P. V. Santos
Title: Manipulation of flying and single excitons by GHz surface acoustic waves
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Author: M. Yuan, K. Biermann, S. Takada, C. Bäuerle, P. V. Santos
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Source: ACS Photonics 8, 758 (2021)

Author: S. Takada, H. Edlbauer, H. V. Lepage, J. Wang, P.-A. Mortemousque, G. Georgiou, C. H. W. Barnes, C. J. B. Ford, M. Yuan, P. V. Santos, X. Waintal, A. Ludwig, A. D. Wieck, M. Urdampilleta, T. Meunier, C. Bäuerle
Title: Sound-driven single-electron transfer in a circuit of coupled quantum rails
Source: Nat. Commun. 10, 4557 (2019)

Author: P. L. J. Helgers, H. Sanada, Y. Kunihashi, A. Rubino, C. J. B. Ford, K. Biermann, P. V. Santos
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Source: Phys. Rev. Appl. 11, 064017 (2019)

Author: M. Yuan, A. Hernández-Mínguez, K. Biermann, and P. V. Santos
Title: Tunneling blockade and single-photon emission in GaAs double quantum wells
Source: Phys. Rev. B 98, 155311 (2018)