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Micro Magneto Spectroscopy Lab

The AttoLiquid1000 (Attocube Systems) cryostat in this lab comprises a superconducting vector magnet and can be used for combined atomic force and confocal optical microscopy by utilizing an attoAFM/CFM insert.

For optical spectroscopy, a Jobin-Yvon Horiba iHR550 single spectrometer with optical fiber input is utilized, equipped with a CCD camera for light detection. Optical excitation is provided by a M Squared tunable Ti:sapphire laser system which includes a component for second harmonic generation.


  • Vector magnet with high magnetic fields: 8T / 2T
  • Wide spectral range: 350 to 1000 nm
  • Low temperature: 4.2 to 50 K
  • High spatial resolution & position stability
  • High-frequency electrical connections


  • Optical spectroscopy & topography imaging
  • Magnetotransport measurements
  • Surface-acoustic-wave induced transport studies
  • Potential for tip-enhanced spectroscopy & ultra-high resolution magnetometry