Plasma Etching

SAMCO's RIE-140iP is a single wafer ICP etching system especially designed for high precision etching of compound semiconductor materials. This system features SAMCO's latest ICP plasma source technology which generates stable high-density plasma under low pressures and ensures precise anisotropic etching of GaN, InGaAs and quaternary compound semiconductor materials.

It is also fitted with a laser endpoint detection system so that etch depth can be measured in real time to determine the etch endpoint.


  •  Single wafer processing for up to 4" round wafer
  •  Interferometric endpoint detection system
  •  Vertical sidewalls with excellent uniformity 
  •  Operation in low gas flow and low pressure ranges 


  •  Fabrication of laser diodes 
  •  Etching of GaAs, InP and GaN 
  •  Photonic crystal devices 
  •  Quantum cascade lasers