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Quantum Transport Labs

Electronic quantum properties of semiconductor-based artificial mesoscopic or nanoscale structures are explored using cryogenic transport measurements to provide a scientific background for future quantum technology applications.

The Quantum Transport Labs are equipped with two Oxford Instruments Kelvinox 100 dilution refrigerators and several helium-3 evaporation cryostats. They include 6 superconducting magnets with maximum flux densities ranging between 8 T and 16 T and one two-axis magnet (3 T, 9 T). A selection of state-of-the-art low noise and high resolution voltage and current sources and amplifiers, multimeters and lock-in amplifiers are used for the transport experiments. To cover the radio frequency (rf) range between about 100 MHz - 30 GHz we employ rf signal, function, pulse or arbitrary wave generators, a spectrum analyzer and rf amplifiers.