RF probe stations

The characterization of acoustic delay lines and resonators for surface and bulk acoustic waves patterned in semiconductor substrates up to 100 mm in diameter is performed in mechanical probe stations. These are equipped with microscopes and radio frequency probes connected to the ports of a vector network analyzer.

Room temperature probe station

The room temperature probe station is equipped with two radio frequency probes and a vector network analyzer for characterization of acoustic devices operating at frequencies up to 20 GHz. This setup is also equipped with a 532 nm diode laser and an optical interferometer for the spatial mapping of acoustic fields with a resolution down to one micrometer.

Cryogenic probe station

The cryogenic probe station is designed for the optoelectronic characterization of semiconductor heterostructures in a high vacuum environment at temperatures down to < 7 K. It contains six positioners for radio frequency probes operating up to 20 GHz. It is also equipped with diode lasers (PicoQuant), and a single grating monochromator (Spex Industries) for near-infrared microphotoluminescence spectroscopy measurements.