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    Engineering shallow and deep level defects in κ-Ga2O3 thin films: comparing metal-organic vapour phase epitaxy to molecular beam epitaxy and the effect of annealing treatments

    P. Mazzolini, J. B. Varley, A. Parisini, A. Sacchi, M. Pavesi, A. Bosio, M. Bosi, L. Seravalli, B. M. Janzen, M. N. Marggraf, N. Bernhardt, M. R. Wagner, A. Ardenghi, O. Bierwagen, A. Falkenstein, J. Kler, R. A. De Souza, M. Martin, F. Mezzadri, C. Borelli, R. Fornari
    Mater. Today Phys., tba, 101463 (2024)
    10.1016/j.mtphys.2024.101463 (PDI-ID: 3005)